Introducing Clipclaps

Clipclap is an application for mainly to entertain her users, they mainly consist of funny videos that will really catch your attention Clipclap app won’t only entertain you but also reward you for every penny of entertainment it gives you, the payout is good, I think PayPal is the only option to recieve real cash, …

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Introducing Chippercash

I believe you have already heard of Chippercash, chimpercash is a mobile app that allows her customers to send and receive money both internationally and locally, especially here in Africa. Chippercash is my favorite since the exchange rates and transaction fees are very considerable, using Chippercash, you will save a lot on your transactions, goodies …

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Please take this POLL

Since 30% of your earnings will be safeguard for your later membership upgrade, so therefore our minimum payout can’t remain $1, kindly take the poll for a wiser decision, thanks! [poll id=”2″] This poll has been closed 

Must Read

Everybody want to make good money online, but not everyone is ready for what it takes, we know that and we know how to make your dream income come true How it works  Referral Money comes with 23 membership plans, just 3 of of them are mostly considered. This 3 membership levels make it possible …

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$5 monthly commission

  Good morning everybody  Today is supposed to be the day for our monthly commissions to start dropping, but unfortunately it won’t happen this month, it has been lifted to August 1st. The reason for this is because we are still working towards helping our members on getting referrals, we haven’t been able to reach …

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Facebook Limitations

  I believe most of us has already notice the error message we see anytime we post our Referral Money affiliate links on Facebook. Limitations to websites usually happens on Facebook especially New platforms. Anyway, don’t worry too much, We are currently working towards that and soon enough we can start posting Referral Money url …

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