Open a free account, activate your account with just #200, after a successful account activation, invite atleast 4 friends using your affiliate link. Now is left for you to decide whether to watch your money grow on your dashboard or take advantage of our everyday payouts by watching your money grow in your bank account instead

Getting just #125 per referral signup is just a startup. We have big dreams for you.

Referral Money comes with 24 membership plans at now. These 24 membership levels are divided into 2 stages (stage 1 = 12 levels, stage 2 = 12 levels) stage 1 makes you a million in few days, while stage 2 makes you repeatedly millions over and over again in each level. These two stages makes it possible for our affiliates to get a millionaire income from home, this is the kind of income we want to build up for you and every registered members here, an income that is sufficient, efficient, stable, life changing, reliable and always coming. At now, it is our vision to build that income for you. As long you keep Referral Money as a trusted and reliable platform so therefore our dream for you will be accomplished.

How We Work through To Build Your Income

The first 3 membership levels

The Newbie Membership (1st level) 

This is the default membership level after registration, we pay you 62.5% of their registration fee (#125) while a whole 50% goes to your Upline (be calm you too will become an upline soon) meaning you get #1,000 after getting your 4 referrals (#125×4+signup bonus of #500) when your 4 referrals is complete, upgrade to the next membership level (THE Premium Level) with #500 and withdraw or keep the rest (#500) 

Premium Membership Level (2nd level) 

After your first upgrade, you will earn #3,802, upgrade to the next level (the Investor Level) with #1000 and withdraw the rest of the money (#2,802)

Investor Membership Level

This is the third membership level that give you access to receive #7,600 from your downstreams, upgrade with #2000 and withdraw the rest 


There are 24 membership levels at now (making it unlimited in future is sure) this levels are the very root of keeping the money coming, and as that it is made compulsory to upgrade. Upgrading is done with few clicks, since you use part of your earnings for upgrades so therefore, no coupon code is required, you only need a coupon code for your registration


  • Can’t refer? Referral Money and his team covers you with plenty of spillovers from your own Uplines and even random members. Referral Money spillovers is a unique one, this is because the chance of getting spillovers is very high on Referral Money, your Uplines won’t even notice if there is a spillover because they are also rewarded with slightly commissions not too different from the ones coming from their direct downlines. This is the most reason why Referral Money records plenty of spillovers everyday.
  • How quick you get your commission after upgrade greatly depends on how active your downstreams are, so therefore your first 4 referrals should be your best referrals if you want to reach the million profit levels within few days
  • You need just 4 referrals, nothing less, this 4 referrals will be the same referrals to make you the millions. you can only share up after getting your 4 referrals. Getting more than 4 referrals doesn’t do less only adding profits to your profits and makes you reach the million profit levels within very few days (most possible within a week) so therefore never make the mistake of keeping quiet when there are many recruits you can get
Breakdown Of Your Earnings

👉Just immediately you register, you will get a free $1 as signup bonus 🆕

👉 You will get #125 each from anyone that registers with your referral link, you also get a share of the registration fees, and upgrades of your referrals, your referral own referrals and their referral referrals, up to 3 more deep👉👉 #125 per referral signup (registration) 👍 🆕 

👉 You need just 4 referrals to keep your wonderful name to repeat itself everyday on our withdrawal payroll (we pay daily) 

👉There is never a limit to your income, you can trust us on that, we will always be glad to add more membership levels to hit your taste

🆕You get paid daily because Referral Money pays daily👉👉everyday payouts ☑️☑️☑️☑️❤️❤️

👌 Registration is only #200 👉👉 even your sign up bonus beats it more than x2💪💪💪 💪 💪 💪 You love us right? We love you more 💖💖💖

Level ofMembership price (in naira) Commissions (in naira) Profits After Upgrade
2500 3,802 2,802
310007,600 5,600
4200015,200 11,200
716,000121,600 89,600
832,000243,200 179,200
964,000486,400 358,200
12512,0003,891,200 2,867,200
Profits Total 5,731,902

“People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build.”

We support bitcoin payments, PayPal, payoneer and local bank transfer, soon enough ethereum will be added, smiles ☺ 

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